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Instrument Research

Page history last edited by Matthew Dauer 13 years, 5 months ago

Instrument Research Page Collabrative Wiki


Citing Websites: All websites used for research or media must be cited in the following format: Page name( blue bar on top of window);date viewed, complete URL.  Example: this page would be cited as follows: wwms8thgmworkpages/Composer Assignments;12/8/2009;http://wwms8thgmworkpages.pbworks.com/Composer-


This page is where we will gather information on instruments. Make sure when making a comment that it is constructive and appropriate. Try to organize you comments by instrument group. Our first goal is for this page is to locate and share websites that have information on instruments. Concentrate on world instruments, creating instruments, homemade muscial instruments. This assignment must be emailed to Mr. Dauer's Gaggle account as given in class.  Each assignment MUST Have the SUBJECT heading in the following format:


8thGM assignment# 2 (last name, first initial)

Email Mr. Dauer 3 websites you have found on world instruments. Give a short overview of why you found this website interesting. Please make sure your subject heading in the email is in the format given above.The Project rubric will used to evaluate the assignment.


8thGM assignment#3 (last name, first initial)


Any entries not in this format will be deleted.Three instruments will be discussed in this assignment from your instrument research. Every student must share one of the three websites on Friday. All three should be completed by this Friday. The entries should include one each family: wind, string and percussion instrument.Include the website and give a commentary addressing the following:


1. Why did this instrument interest you?


2. What family is this instrument( wind, percussion, string)?


3. What materials is this instrument made of?


The Project Rubric(located on sidebar) will be usedm to evaluate the assignment.




World Instrument Presentation Page

Instrument Powerpoint Presentation: Select your favorite instrument from your #3 assignment after you have competes and turned it in. Create a small powerpoint presentation on your instrument that is visually appealing and informitive.Make sure you include the following:

1.Instrument name and picture

2. History of the instrument or what culture it is from

3.How the instrument is made and/or what materials it is constructed from.

4.Steps needed to construct the instrument

5. Cite your website: Please use the format given above to cite your websites. Include all websites for pictures, sound clips and research.


The Project Rubric(located on sidebar) will be used to evaluate the assignment.





8thGM assignment#5 (last name, first initial)


Students will research home made instruments online. Students will collect ideas and construction techniques on home made instruments. Students will create a presentation page before they create thier instrument(assignment #6).Please submit to Mr. Dauer in the correct format by the end of class 3/19/10


8thGM assignment#6 (last name, first initial)

Students will create home made instruments using recycled and found materials. Students may chose from String, wind or percussion Families. Students will be graded on a 5 point Rubric for each of the following areas:

Construction: Appropriate Materials and construction techniques are used to create a playable instrument.

Quality of construction and effort in construction is considered in the grade.

Tone: The selection of materials produce an acceptable tone. Students should be able to demonstrate the diffrent tones thier instrument can create.

Decoration: Students should decorate/design their instrument in a manner consistant with the functionality or musical culture the instrument represents.

Presentation: Students will present their instrument starting on 03/22/10 in class. Students will be required to demonstrate at least three tones or musical capabilities on their instrument. Students will be prepared to discuss construction techniques and adaptations considered during construction.

Online Publishing: Students will create an online entry(based on thier assignment #5 presentation page) for thier instrument including the following: Picture of the instrument, materilas list, Steps of construction with added comments, and a paragraph explaning the capabilities of the instrument and any other special hints in construction. This will be evaluated for content, writing style,design and completion of this assignment.








Instrument Reasearch Study and Quiz Links


Instrument Families Study this first!


Instrument Game #1 - http://www.musictechteacher.com/quiz_instrument_analogies001.htmQuiz


Instrument Game #2 - http://www.musictechteacher.com/quiz_music_instruments_ham1.htm













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Matthew Dauer said

at 9:29 am on Sep 9, 2009

mattD: Here is an example of an entry for an instrument. The guiro. I thought this was interesting as it is made out of many different materials. The article gives nice details on the vegetable materials used to create this instrument. It also details the history and culture of the guiro in Latin America.This is a percussion instrument. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FXV/is_9_11/ai_80902501/

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