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Welcome to the West Wilkes Middle School 8th Grade General Music  Workpages.


This homepage gives access to all assignments and work in our General Music Classroom. We have three main areas of study in our course: Instrument Unit, Music Theory Unit, and our Music History Unit.Below you will find links to our units in each area. Feel free to browse, practice at home, and work ahead of the group. There is much to explore!. If you come across an interesting website please let Mr. Dauer know through his Gaggle account.



Instrument Research

Assignment 5 - pst due

assignment 6 due instrument past due

Online publoishing due on Wednesday 3/31


Composer Assignments

Assignment #1 - completed

Assignment #2 - completed- continue studying composer for test

Assignment # 3 - step 1 due 3/30

                         Step 2 due 4/15


Music History


Music Theory/History Games

Students will practice music theory skills in note reading and identification. Students will work on assigned tasks and will be evaluated by their scores. Students must show thier score to the teacher in order for the score to be entered. Students are welcome to practice these games at home!


Music Notation

Treble Clef (beginner level) - student receives credit upon showing teacher score

Bass Clef (beginner level) - students receives credit upon showing teacher score

Treble Clef ( advanced level - Extra credit given!)

Bass Clef (advanced level - Extra Credit given!)


Note Interval Game Links


2-note Practice

2-note Game

3-note Practice

3-note Game


Musictheory.net Lessons online- The following lessons will help students study for their theory component of this course. Students should study the following lessons in order:

#1 Staff, clefs and ledger lines

#2 Note Durations

#3 Rest durations

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