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Composer Assignments

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Welcome to the WWMS Composer Pages! On this page you will find related assignments, information and links.




Citing Websites: All websites used for research or media must be cited in the following format: Page name( blue bar on top of window);date viewed, complete URL.  Example: this page would be cited as follows: wwms8thgmworkpages/Composer Assignments;12/8/2009;http://wwms8thgmworkpages.pbworks.com/Composer-Assignments


Composer Assignment #1 : composer study list and scavenger

Step 1: Students will be formed into teams. Each team will divide up the list of composers below and become experts on thier compsers. Read the composer biographies from the link below.

Step 2: Students will work as a team on a scavenger hunt.


Baroque composers 1600 - 1750

Johann Sebastian Bach

George Fredrich Handel

Antonio Vivaldi


Classical Composers 1750 - 1820

Ludwig van Beethoven

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Franz Joseph Haydn


Romantic Composers 1820 - 1910

Johannes Brahms

Antonin Dvorak

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakoff

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Modern Era Composers 1910 - present

Leonard Bernstein

George Gershwin

Scott Joplin

Sergi Prokofiev

John Williams


Composer Assignment #2 : Mozart to Beethoven Composer letter

Step 1: Read the biographies on Mozart and Beethoven in the Composer letter Assignment link below.

Step 2: Create a letter from Mozart to Beethoven following the guidlines in the assignment given in the following link. Look carefully at the scoring rubric at the bottom of the assignment.  Composer Letter assignment

Step 3: Students will type their letter after completion of the assign for online publishing.

Step 4: next assignment for students who have completed Step 3)- Students may go to the Band Vocabulary website and challenge themselves with word games: vocabulary games


Assignment #3 :  Composer Assignment

Step 1: Send Mr. Dauer through Gaggle the following: The student will choose a music Era to report on. Choose from Baroque, Classical, or Romantic era.  Define Your era's music( Baroque, Classical or Romantic) music: What is it? What makes it unique from other Musical Eras? Also send the names of three Composers from your time period. Subject the email: Music Era definition(your last name, first name).

Step 2: Create a 500 word biography on one of the composers from the time period you selected in Step 1. Essays must mention important compositions and important events in the composers life. The essay should reference at least one major work or composition and describe why this composition was important. Feel free to add pictures. You must reference (cite) all websights used as research. Subject the file: Composer biography(your last name, first name).

Step 3:( next assignment for students who have completed paper)- Extra Credit) Create a multimedia Powerpoint presentation on the Composer of your choice.Subject the file: Composer Presentation ( last name, first name).10 pages minimum.

Step 4:( next assignment for students who have completed Step 3)- Students may go to the Band Vocabulary website and challenge themselves with word games: vocabulary games

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